An Early Soldering Video

Here is an early video I made showing how I solder the frames on my glass pendant jewelry.  It is short, which people seem to like!

A short video showing how I solder my glass pendants. Everyone has their own way of doing this. I happen to like a nice rounded edge to frame my tiny artwork, and this is how I achieve that edge. Resist the temptation to “clean up” imperfections too much, or you will surely regret it.  (more backstory below the video)

You may notice that there is no sound in this video.  I’ve learned over time, mostly through negative YouTube comments, that people really REALLY hate being forced to listen to your damn music, no matter how cool you think it is.   They also are very vocal about what they were expecting from your free video, but did not find.  People can be quite demanding of the free information they find online, I must say!

But I digress:  I eventually took these comments to heart and removed the sound altogether.  I would have replaced the audio with some voice-over instructions, but I haven’t been able to locate the original raw video file.  It’s trapped inside some retired old HP dinosaur in the garage, I suspect.

Since I couldn’t re-edit, I decided to re-shoot.  You can find a new and improved soldering close-up video here:  How to Solder a Memory Glass Pendant.



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