BeanPad Review

commentsIn this video review, I show you what makes the BeanPad my absolute favorite iPad accessory of all time. It’s is the perfect ipad stand, and believe me, I tried alot of them! In this video, I also compare the pros and cons of the Bean Pad compared to the Belkin Kitchen Ipad Stand and compared to the iPevo Pad Pillow.

I also cover which generation of iPad will work in the the Beanpad 2/3. The ipad 4 actually fits perfectly into the Bean Pad 2 /3 … with just the exception of the headphone jack, which is easily modified. I show you how to hack it, in this video.

What type of iPad stand or case is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!
hey mimi

Here is a list of the iPad stands I show you in the video:

Bean Pad

Pad Pillow

Belkin Stand

Vantage Point BeanPad

Mfg Website:

Ipevo Pad Pillow

Mfg Website:

Belkin Website:

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