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brownMini100I call this my First LookLook video of the Twelve South BookBook because the video doesn’t reflect how much I’ve grown to LOVE this awesome wallet case for iPhone 6 Plus. Take this video with a grain of salt, because when I filmed it, I had only had the case for a few days, and was focusing on the negative, before I’d spent much time with it.

I believe that I’ve found the perfect case for my new iPhone 6 Plus!  This beautiful distressed leather “Book Book” Wallet Case from Twelve South has a slide out shell that fits in any car dash mount.  Even better, I’ve discovered that the entire case, wallet and all, will fit securely in my iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car & Desk Mount.

This video is truly a first look, where you see my early reaction to examining the $59 leather wallet case for my new iPhone 6 Plus.  At first, I’m not thrilled about the over-zealous “hand-distressed” finish on the spine of the antiqued leather case. Initially, I don’t know what to make of it; and can’t decide whether or not it is a damaged item, and whether I should send it back for a replacement. I was not in the mood to exchange it, and take the chance that it was meant to be that way, and end up getting a replacement with the exact same distressed raised spine.  I decide to keep it, and see if it grows on me.

Oh boy, did the Book Book ever grow on me!  The functionality of this iPhone case is engineered to perfection, and after living with it for a few weeks now, I don’t think I could bear to live without it for a week.  I’m not sending it back.  It’s not going anywhere without me!

A visit to the 12 South website, reveals that the BookBook spine is indeed supposed to look just like mine does.  Personally, I would have liked mine to get that distress in a more authentic way; but after a few weeks of living with it, I truly could no longer give a flip what the raised  bumps on the spine look like.  I just love the thing too much care now.

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Got a favorite cell phone case for iPhone 6 Plus? Share it with us in the comments!

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