Can You Replace a YouTube Video?

commentsI know I can’t be the only video-maker who ever needed to replace a video on their YouTube channel.  It’s happened to me many times: I upload a new video to my YouTube Channel and soon afterward,  I realize  it contains an error or technical glitch that I simply cannot live with.

If I’m lucky, I can delete it quickly before the video appears in any YouTube emails to subscribers, or before someone rates, comments, shares, or pins it on a social sharing site! If anyone sees it, or links to the video, you face the terrible dilemma of whether to delete the darn thing, or leave it there and suffer humiliation doled out in comment section FOREVER.

Vimeo allows users to replace a video with a simple upload. They even let you save the old version, in case you change your mind.  YouTube offers no such option, and so I  devised my own workaround using a combination of  YouTube’s built in enhancement tools.  This video shows how I accomplish that.  I hope you find it useful!

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