Canon Vixia HF R40 for YouTube Videos

commentsThis video talks about camcorder features that are important to me, for making how-to videos and reviews for my YouTube Channel, my Blog and for Vimeo. It shows what I do and don’t like about the Canon Vixia HF R40 Video Camera and why I decided to keep it. The primary reason I decided to keep it, is because it will save in full 1080 HD in MP4 format on an SD-HC card. This means I can import the video file directly into Camtasia Studio 8, without converting the file in a 3rd party program (which has always resulted in a loss of quality, in my experience).

If you have a Vixia Wifi Camcorder and are interested in learning what app to download, and how to connect your camera to your mobile device as a wifi remote control. See my video about that topic in more detail:

Before the Canon HF R40, I bought and returned a Sony Handycam HDR-CX330. At the top of the list I things that I hated about the Sony CX330 was the fact that it would not save in 1080p to SC card in MP4 format. It would only save 1920×1080 in AVCHD, not MP4. Also, the touchscreen was a disaster. It made me feel like giant with humongous fingers that couldn’t isolate a single option. Awful! There were many other things I hated about the CX330, but that’s another review

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  1. Brad

    Did you ever find out if there was an infrared remote adapter for the Vixia HF40? I’ve just bought one of these cameras and love the quality of the video but am very disappointed in the lack of remote control capability. The Camera Access Plus won’t even support my Android 4.4 smartphone (I guess I’ll have to try my wife’s ipad). I notice there’s no remote control function on the camera, either, as I’ve seen in videos of older models. Thanks, I found your videos very helpful.

    1. Mimi

      Hi Brad,
      Thank you! I’m so glad you found the videos helpful. So far, I haven’t found a solution which would allow me use an infrared or wired remote. Admittedly, I haven’t been searching much, because I’m starting to get used to the wi-fi app, and beginning to like it more and more.

      Especially because, when I’m standing farther away from the camera, I can still get a close-up view of what the camera is recording. Even if the camera is behind me, I can place the iPad in front of me and watch what is being filmed over my shoulder. Over time, I have gotten used to the delay.

      I still do miss having an infrared remote, however, and I resent Canon’s decision to only include that option with the more expensive “M” series. (as if it’s some kind of new high-end technology). Every time I use the remote control on an inexpensive electronic gadget around my home, I get a pang of irritation that my Vixia R40 doesn’t have one; and that Canon intentionally removed this convenience from their consumer line of camcorders.

      It makes me determined not to be manipulated into upgrading to the Canon Vixia M500. Maybe even determined to not buy another Vixia … but heck, I do love every thing else about this camera! If I find a way to use a non-wifi remote with the Vixia R40, I sure will let you know!

      Here’s an interesting video about the M500 and using an infraRed remote control: … but I think the M500 is around $700!

  2. John Morfis

    I was thinking of getting a canon r50 and definitely wanted to be able to start / stop from across the room, about 8 feet. Do you think this setup will work? Thanks!

  3. Stephanie

    Could you explain how the Monitor while out feature works if it’s available on that camera? I have the Canon Vixia HF R50.



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