Crocs A-Leigh Floral Flip-Flops Sandal

Hey MimiThese pretty Croc’s A-Leigh Floral Flip Flop Sandals and my new favorite comfortable summer shoe.  In this video, my little black Schnauzer, Augie, and I show you what we like so much about about these low-profile platform sandals. I also do a quick comparison of Crocs Flip Flop vs. Fit-Flops Womens Sling Sandal.   I like the Crocs flip flop better, because I find it more feminine and more flattering to the leg.

At 5′-2″, I really appreciate the little bit of extra height I get from the low platform (about 1″ on the front and 1.75″ at the heel).  I also like that the platform has a very small incline, because it’s most comfortable to me. Without a steep incline, the foot doesn’t get force forward against the thong between your first two toes.  This makes it WAY easy to get used to the little strap between your toes.

Tip: if you are not used to wearing a thong-style sandal,  don’t wear them out for a full day of sight-seeing or shopping on the first day!   The first few times, just wear them for a hour or two, and give your toes a chance to get used to having something there between them.  After a few short wearings, they will be the most comfortable shoes you own!

This is part of a new set of beauty/fashion/style videos, geared toward women over 40 and 50, that I’m calling “Hey Mimi – Girl Edition.”  Let me know if you want to see more (or less) of these!

If you have these Crocs Platform Sandals, tell us what you think of them in the comments!  Also, I would love some feedback on these “Girl Edition” videos.  Do you think they belong on an entirely separate blog?  Many of my video reviews are about Tools and Tech, and I worry I might scare away any tool or tech readers by talking about all this chick-stuff!?

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