Doodled Mini Calendar for my Moleskine Notebook

pinkMiniCroppedHere’s a quick doodle project to add a whimsical and functional element to your Filofax or Moleskine Notebook.  Just a little mini calendar to keep track of your workouts, appointments, projects or whatever.  I’m no artist, but I like to doodle and brighten up a boring notebook.

Last year I used a Martha Stewart Binder (from Staples) to keep my info with me.  As much as I loved the organization of it, I found it just too bulky to slip into my purse.  I like to tote my notebook around with me everywhere I go, and I just want something sleeker for 2014.  The Moleskine-style A5 sized notebook you see here is just the right size: 5.5 x 8 inches.

I like the A5 size of this Grid-Lined Notebook by Essentials . The thickness of the grid paper is really substantial. I like this book so much that I think it will become my new favorite notebook/ journal / address book/ day-timer.  Moleskine makes this in an Evernote series which, if I understand it correctly, you can somehow upload into your Evernote Account in the cloud.  Now doesn’t that sound all dreamy?

I like the mini-size of the calendar so much, because I can stick in multiple calendars for every month… each one dedicated to a single concern that I’m trying to track.  I can use one to track my workouts and weight loss.  Another for appointments;  another to enter statistics of how well my videos are doing on YouTube. One separate little calendar tracks when my son has a seizure, and what preceeded it. This way, when I show it to his doctor,  he doesn’t have to look at a bunch of extraneous information about my videos or my workouts!

Since not everyone will be able to get their hands on a rubber stamp like the one in the video, I’ve created a printable calendar as a pdf freebie, see the link on the right sidebar, there.

Happy New Year!


Products Used in this Video:

A-5 Size Grid Notebook Fiskars Paper Trimmer Sticker Paper/Label Sheets
Prismacolor VeriThin Pencils Martha Stewart Stamp Mount Staedtler Triplus Fineliner
Zenspirations Book
By Joanne Fink
Lollapalooza 3 Big Grid Journal Workshop
Martha Lever, Instructorlolla3thumb
Free Calendar Printable SheetBy Mimi!


5 Comments Doodled Mini Calendar for my Moleskine Notebook

  1. Patty

    Thanx Mimi,
    This is such a clever idea! It will make my workout and food log book look so much nicer. I love the way you make your mistakes, into art!

  2. Daysha

    thanks you so much….these will help me Tremendously I was looking a long time for a calendar that would help me with my Scheduling. It’s appreciate.


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