Dropcam Birdhouse

commentsLast week I uploaded a video, kicking around some ideas of how I could mount my Dropcam at my front entry. I settled on the Cedar Birdhouse, and set about modifying to accommodate my Dropcam in the circular opening.

In this video I modify a store bought cedar birdhouse (Lowes $10) to accommodate my Dropcam HD in the circular opening. I use graduated sizes of drum sanders on my drill, then use my Dremel Trio to cut out an opening for the mini-usb cord to slip out the side of the birdhouse. Here are the steps I took, and a look at the final product. If it inspires you to try something similar, I would love to see what you did!

Check out my other 2 Dropcam related videos: “Outdoor Dropcam Ideas” and “Dropcam Unboxing, Setup and Review.” I hope you find them helpful, and if so, please leave a comment (below)!

Dropcam also makes another version called the Dropcam PRO for just $50 more, which has a wider view, which you might want to consider.    For my use in  this location, this Dropcam HD  is plenty wide for my front door camera. You can pickup Dropcam HD on Amazon or purchase one directly from the Dropcam website.

Other tools and products I use in the video:

Thanks for watching!

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