French Tips on Short Nails

pinkMini100This a follow up video to last week’s “Manicure Gift for a Crafty Friend” video. I realized that good instructions and better close up views of this technique were really needed. Here is my tutorial on how to give yourself a french manicure on short natural nails with the products and techniques I learned seven years ago from MakeupSquare’s  youTube video!

The brush I like the best for this technique is a dense flat brush with a rounded edge.  Similar to what artists call a Filbert brush, but shorter.  Look for something with the words “short smudge brush” or ” smudger brush.”  You don’t want anything even close to fluffy.  I bought mine at either Target (Elf or Sonja brand) or at Sally Beauty Supply.  You can see the Elf Smudge Brush at but it’s only available in the store.  If you want to buy it online, check out – Elf Smudge Brush.  The Elf  Eye Shadow Brush looks very similar, but I feel it is a bit too full for this purpose.  The Sigma Short Shader looks perfect, but is a little pricey: Sigma Short Shader – E20

I’ve seen some youTube videos where a flat angled brush (used for eyebrows and eyeliner) is used and it seems to work well, especially when shaping the corners of your nail. (Does a nail have corners? I’m not sure!)

The key is to find a brush that is FLAT and dense. If it too soft and has stray bristles sticking out here and there, it’s going to be difficult to get a sharp clean line on your white tips. I’m not sure if it’s really necessary, but I try to use a brush with natural bristles that won’t be affected by the Acetone.

Do you think you will try this technique?  Or have you tried it already?  Let me know in the comments!

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