Metallic Gel Pen and Paint Marker Showdown

commentsPart one in a series comparing Metallic Paint Pens, Gel Pens and Paint Markers. This video focus on creating a fine line in silver ink that will adhere to a slick surface such as a model car.

Which silver paint pens, markers or inks will create a fine line on a non-porous surface? I address a viewer question in this video. It’s long but, I hope, packed with helpful insight about metallic gel pens, metallic paint markers and even silver ink. There are so many variables to compare, that I think this is just part one in a series! More to come on Silver Gel Pens; Water Based vs. Oil Based Paint Pens & Markers, and how to seal a non-permanent paint design for a waterproof image.

I know it’s a loooong video; but you wouldn’t believe how much valuable footage I cut out, to whittle it down to 17 minutes! Crazy!
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