Genius and Sizzix Magnetic Platforms

commentsI don’t have a video yet on this topic, but you know it’s in the works!  I now have both brands of Magnetic Platforms and I’d like to share some preliminary thoughts on the Pros and Cons of each brand.  I’ve watched many youTube video reviews on these Magnetic Die Cutting platforms and most reviewers have a strong preference of one brand over the other.  Personally, I find that each has its strong and weak points.  The best unbiased comparison video I’ve found on the topic, so far, is  a good  youTube video by CraftyMe83.

Magnetic platforms are used for keeping those ‘wafer-thin’ dies (Spellbinders, Nestabilities, MFT Dienamics, Sizzix Framelits)  in place when running them through your manual die cutting machine, such as my Sizzix Big Shot (or Big Kick, Epic Six, Vagabond, or Revolution Die Cutters). The Sizzix platform is 6 1/8″ wide (15.56 cm) which, means it won’t fit in the Cuttlebug.  The Genius platform is exactly 6″ wide, which makes the Genius compatible with the Cuttlebug.  CraftyMe83’s review really shows that both brands have important pros & cons, including which platform simultaneously cuts and embosses, and which is easier to use when lining up an image.  I agree with her assessment and would add a few issues of my own; most concerning the Sizzix’s Clear Plexiglass Cutting Pads:

  • Genius Pros:  No clear plexi plastic cutting mats to warp after five cuts! And it embosses because of the flexible cutting mat. I really like that self healing mat, so much better than Sizzix clear rigid plates. Also, a bigger cutting surface that is slightly narrower than the Sizzix Platform, making the Genius compatible with the Cuttlebug.
  • Genius Cons:  fewer magnets spaced farther apart. You do have do move and turn the dies to find a good position if you are making a frame with multiple dies. And of course, the fact that the cutting edge faces up, is a real bummer
  • Sizzix Pros: more compact, and cutting edge faces down. Stronger magnetic platform.
  • Sizzix Cons: You still have to use those awful clear plastic plates that warp. Once it warps, the dies have a harder time making contact with the magnetic surface. Some videos say that’s a myth. No, it’s no myth. It’s true. I bought a brand new set of Sizzix Cutting Pads just to use with my new Sizzix magnetic platform, and made one pad dedicated to “No Cut”… both pads are still beginning to warp after just 5 or 6 cuts, because the “no cut” pad has to be on top.

I wonder what harm there is in placing the die face down onto the blue Genius platform (or with a very thin dense plastic shim,  like s Go-Baby shim)?  It would mar the surface, yes. but all dies mar the surface of the sizzix plates … what’s the difference? I’m going to experiment with adding more neo magnets to the underside of my Genius, and/or using a flexible top mat with my Sizzix Magnetic Platform.  I’ll film my experiments and post my results in an upcoming video!

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3 Comments Genius and Sizzix Magnetic Platforms

  1. Erica

    Yes, I’m very interested in this platform (Genius) because I’m peeved that the acrylic plates warp.
    I use many dies to cut around a stamped image so in this case, I have to place the die’s cut side facing down but I don’t think this platform is intended to work that way.

  2. Anna

    Do you know if the Sizzix magnetic platform will fit through the Epic 6, and if so, which cutting plates I would need. I want a magnetic platform, but the Genius doesn’t seem very useful as far as cutting around a stamped image, since the die faces up with the paper on top…

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