Grind Glass with a Dremel

You don’t need a glass grinder to straighten or re-shape the edges of your microscope slides when making soldered glass jewelry. I’ve discovered that you can get pretty decent results using your Dremel or even a nail file to grind down memory glass!

In this video, I experiment with a few different ways you can shape the edge of your microscope slide glass (also known as “memory glass”) without having to purchase a glass grinder.


In this video, I’m grinding the top edge of a 1″x3″ microscope slide that has been cut in half with a hand held glass cutter.  A glass cutter really just scores the surface of the glass, and then the glass simply snaps in half along the scored line.  However, I’ve never mastered the art of getting a straight clean cut.  This is the reason I’ve never made a video about cutting memory glass to size!

Reshaping the cut edge of the glass is how keep from throwing away a whole lot of slides!  By grinding down the crooked edge, I’m able to match up two glass pieces that match and make a beautiful soldered glass pendant.  I usually use a Gryphon Glass Grinder for this,  but I made this video as an experiment to help give those who can’t afford or don’t have room for another tabletop tool.  If you are interested in seeing how to do this with a Glass Grinder, be sure and check out this video post on the subject.

Well, what do you think? Are you going to give it a try? Let me know in the comments, below!

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