How I Learned Hand Lettering

Hey MimiHere are my tips for learning hand lettering for signs, cards, scrapbooks, art journals. Of course you can print out great looking titles on your computer, but there is a certain satisfaction in doing it in your own hand.  I like the personal, casual flavor a hand written caption adds to a handmade page.


This is how I taught myself #handlettering for card making, photo albums and art journaling. In this video I show where I found online resources for beginners and how I make my own practice worksheets in PhotoShop.  There are so many fantastic lettering teachers who now teach online courses on the craft of hand lettering.  I also suggest a few books that I found helpful.
Here are links to my favorite hand lettering resources mentioned in the video:
Martha Lever’s Video Calligraphy Workshops:
Creative Workshops
Cloth Paper Scissors/Interweave Press Mixed Media Videos:
Richard Crookes, Calligrapher:
Chalkboard Lettering Blog Post and DaFont idea:
Font websites mentioned: and
Books mentioned:
Hand Lettering: Simple Cards and Creative Styles for Cards, Scrapbooks & More by Marci Donley & DeAnn Singh
Modern Calligraphy and Hand Lettering by Lisa Engelbrecht

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4 Comments How I Learned Hand Lettering

  1. Dana Burback

    I’ve watched “How I Learned Hand Lettering” several times and tried to do the exercises, however, I am unable to find the page in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements that lets you create a page of writing. Help! I did order the book “Hand Lettering” by Marci Donley.

  2. Jadene Wallace

    Hey Mimi,
    I`m leaving school soon and I still want to carry on with my art. I`m very interested in learning hand lettering. I thought how you learnt to do it is a very good idea. I was just wondering, in your Hand Lettering Tips For Beginners video, which Photoshop did you use? I cant find the one you used.


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