How to Prime a Sharpie Paint Marker

comments If you are having trouble getting your Sharpie Paint Pen started, this video will show you what to do (and what not to do) to prime a sharpie paint maker.  In this video, I show you the different kind of Sharpie Paint Pens.  Which are water-based vs. oil-based paint pens/markers and how to tell them apart.  I also show you how to prime your new paint pen to get the paint flowing and to avoid leaking.

These cool opaque paint pens show up beautifully on black paper, kraft paper, photos, windows and even rocks!  The video shows lots of swatch examples, so that you can see what the Pastel, Primary, Glitter and Metallic Colors look like on the paper.

You may also be wondering what the difference is between Sharpie Poster Paint Markers and the other versions?  As far as I can tell, the Poster Paint Pens are water-based, with a felt-style tip, and are available in mostly primary colors such as Red, Blue, Yellow and Green, as well as black & white.  Other than that, they seem to be no different than the other Water-based Sharpie Paint Pens in the shorter stubby shape, with the blue band and felt tip.

I like the Sharpie Paint with the felt tip much better than the metal or plastic tips, but if primed correctly, they all work well.  In my opinion, they  work better than any gel pen I’ve tried for writing or drawing on kraft or dark paper.  And believe me, I’ve tried them ALL,  including Sakura Gel Pens.  That is not to say that I don’t like Sakura Gel Pens.  I love Love LOVE the Sakura Moonlight Pens, which I am working on a video about right now.

Sharpie Paint Markers can be a little tricky to get started, but if you take them time to prep them for the first use, I guarantee that they will become your new favorite marker for art journaling, card-making and doodling on dark surfaces!

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Product shown in this video: Sanford Sharpie Extra-Fine Pastel Paint Pens

4 Comments How to Prime a Sharpie Paint Marker

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  2. Carol Lee

    Thanks for the great and helpful video on getting a water-based Sharpie “unstuck.” I’m new to them, and just bought more (the pastel 5-pack) and the Tangerine pen just wouldn’t get started. I saw your video…added the “air” component and voila! the ink started coming out of the tip. The other colors all started right away with little effort, but the air step made the magic happen. I love these pens for fine detail work on my acrylic paintings, and am anxious to try the oil-based pens next. Thanks!

  3. Adam

    Hi there, so I have been using the extra fine point, sharpie, oil based pens in this video. I like them alot, and was also seeing the same issue when it comes to “priming” that it takes some time to get it started. However, I am running into a seperate issue. For me, it only lasts and works for a few minutes of use before I have to prime it again, then again and so on and so forth. Which isnt the end of the world, however, what I am running into now, and it has done this on several pens is that the paint seems to be exploading out from the tip at a certain point when priming. Have you run into this? Is there a way to fix that or something I should be doing? Because clearly i am waisting alot of paint as it comes gushing out and is a bit frustrating. Curious about your thoughts, feel free to email me as well 🙂 Thanks!


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