How to Solder a Memory Glass Pendant

commentsHere’s my latest soldering video, with a better close up view of how I solder a microscope slide pendant.

I got quite a bit of feedback to my first video on this topic … much of it negative ! It was one of the first few videos I put on YouTube and I made the mistake of adding background music and speeding up the footage! I’ve learned a few things since then; and I think this video does a much better job of focusing on the task at hand.
I hope you agree!
hey mimi


Weller Soldering Station
Silver Solder
Venture Copper Foil
Safety Flux


6 Comments How to Solder a Memory Glass Pendant

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    1. Mimi

      Thank you Jessica! I’m so glad it was helpful to you. (Sorry I missed this comment for so long!). I hope your soldering is going well!

  2. Raye

    I just found your site and watched your video. Thank you so much! I have watched many videos but yours has given me the bravery to try this. You did a great job, the closeness, showing different things, clear voice, and not an hour long…really appreciate your work.

  3. Liz buelow

    So glad I came across your videos. So very helpful. Please notify me when you show more. I love the look of these microscope glass jewelry


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