Makeup Remover Wipes Comparison

In this Makeup Removing Towelette Review , I compare the Ponds brand vs. generic store brands. Are they as good? Which ones exfoliate? And which brands sting your eyes,  if you use them to remove mascara or other eye makeup?  This video shows you which are worth getting and which one is just awful.

Drinking game alert: I repeat the word “sting” a billion times, and it was impossible to edit it out without re-narrating the entire video! I apologize if you find it cringe-worthy (like I did!) and feel free to take a drink every time I say the word “Sting!”

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2 Comments Makeup Remover Wipes Comparison

  1. Lala

    I usually like to make my morning tea last… but I sucked it down, laughing, watching this video. Hey Mimi, I was wondering how you felt these facial wipes compared to the Kirkland brand?

    Thanks for the laugh this morning…. CHEERS!

  2. Crystal Martin

    That was a cheap drunk. hehehehe Just joking!

    I agree with you about the Equate makeup remover wipes and I’m glad that you mentioned how they make your eyes feel. I kept buying them for vacation forgetting that I HATE them! lol I like the Neutrogena brand and they are also blue so I kept forgetting which ones I liked and bought the Equate a couple times.

    Equate brand stings (drink) the heck out of my eyes and I have to immediately grab a cold, wet wash cloth and rinse my eyes out. Great video. Thanks for the comparisons!


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