Attaching the Jump Ring / Bail

commentsOk, here’s a decent close up of soldering the glass pendant.  In this video, I do zoom in, so you can really see how I do it.  The video is long, but I wanted it to give you a feel for how long it can take to get the job done. This clip is part of a 5 part series of videos that goes into more detail & instruction for Soldered Glass Pendants.  I’m calling this series “My Process” because it’s a little rambling, as go through details of what products I use, and how I use them.

Note: I have a new series I where I try to cut out all the minutiae and just drill down to the basics, and give you the best close up shots that I can, so that you can really see what I am doing. You can check those out related videos links in the sidebar on the right!

All of these Numbered Videos with a bright colored  number from 1-5 are from an early set of videos I produced several years ago when I was just learning about video editing.  They are long and rambling, I agree!  But I’ve been so busy making new, improved videos with much better close-ups, that I haven’t yet gotten around to editing these down yet.  I’m posting them, however, because there really is some good information buried in all that rambling, if you have time!

I hope you think so too!
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Weller Soldering Station
Silver Solder
Venture Copper Foil

Safety Flux


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