My Process: Glass, Images and Copper Tape

More details about making Soldered Glass Pendants. In this video, I go over some details about the glass, images and copper tape that I use to make my glass jewelry.

This series of videos that goes into more detail & instruction for Soldered Glass Pendants.   At the time I made this round of videos, I didn’t have the video quality set high enough on the camcorder and therefore the video quality isn’t as good as I would like.   My newer “CloseUp” series is better video quality and more details about actual products I use for each step.

Thanks for watching.   Please take a moment to comment if you find these videos at all helpful!
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1 Comment My Process: Glass, Images and Copper Tape

  1. LuAnn Sutter

    Hey Mimi, your tutes are great. I’m a beginner and have found it all MOST helpful! Thank you from another Mimi!


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