Neat 5.5 Installation Woes

commentsIn this video, I show problems I ran into, during installation of the Neat Software.

How I installed Neat 5.5 software in my Win7 desktop PC, to use with my new NeatDesk Scanner. I used the 5.4 installation disk that came in the box, but ran into big problems with the upgrade to 5.5 that Neat was directing me to download and install. I ran into endless dead-ends, and errors trying to update from 5.4 to 5.5. In this video, I show you where I finally found a fresh install of Neat 5.5, and how I deleted all previous versions of Neat. (Got rid of the 5.4 I wish I had never installed). Let me say this, however: I’m really glad I stuck with it. After just a few hours of use, I soon fell in love with my NeatDesk, and I’m glad I took the time to troubleshoot the installation.

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