Neat Crashes After Scanning

brownMini100 “Neat has stopped working. Safe handle has been closed.”  In this video I show you how I managed to resolve this issue of NeatDesk crashing after scanning . Or simply shutting down every time I opened the Neat software.

Here’s what to do if Neat Desk shuts down or crashes every time you scan a document, and you get this warning “Neat has stopped working; Safe Handle has been closed.”  This happened to me in December and tried to follow the Neat website’s Troubleshooting Section, but was not able to fix the problem on my own. In this video, I show you how Neat’s Online Chat helped me fix the problem, in just 15 minutes. I’ll show you what the tech support guy instructed me to do, in case you want to attempt the fix yourself.  You can try it, and if it doesn’t work,  I also retrace my steps of how to quickly find the online chat support.

Back in December, when I used it, I was extremely satisfied with the level of support I received.  And I’ve never had a problem with my scanner in the 2 months since this problem was resolved.  I continue to be extremely impressed with my NeatDesk Scanner, however, I am growing increasingly disappointed in the way the Neat company blows off customer email appeals for help.  As you probably know from watching my 3 previous videos about NeatDesk, I’ve been a pretty enthusiatic cheerleader for the company and the product.  But my enthusiam is waning, as I continue to receive email and comments from my blog-readers and youTube subscribers at their wit’s end from being ignored by Neat Company Tech Support.

Personally, I can vouch for the fact that they seem to ignore email, or skim over it and mindlessly reply with a canned answer that is of no help.  This has been my experience, even when my comments or email were written with the sole intention of calling their attention to mistakes on their website, or glitches in the upgrade process.  I’ll post more on this later, because it’s a big topic that Neat seems to have no interest in addressing.

if NeatDesk keeps crashing or closes every time you open the program. I will also post a video, just about how to find worthwhile NeatDesk Chat Support on the Neat website, if all you can find is email support.  Because in my experience, and many who have commented and written to me, Neat email support is worthless.
I hope this helps! Good Luck!

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3 Comments Neat Crashes After Scanning

  1. Dustin

    The Neat ‘concept’ is great. It’s the software that is truly a PoS. It takes so long to startup, is unstable, and crashes virtually every time I use it. The solution is to delete the “idx” and “QSP” folders before starting up. Then I can run the program properly. If an hour goes by after scanning some items, the next scan will crash, guaranteed. Rinse lather and repeat with the idx and QSP folders.

    Worse, they always blame “scanner drivers” which is a red herring. It’s NEVER the bleeping drivers.

    Further, the accessing of data is soooo slooooww. Images occasionally do not save in color properly and will revert back to B&W magically.

    I still use it, but am very frustrated by the end user experience – it’s clear there is no UAT once the code hits GA.

  2. Chris

    Glad I found this. This is even more important to share as they no longer will provide any support for their software.


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