Sally Hansen Mudslide Swatch

Hey MimiIn this HeyMimi Girl Editon video, I color swatch and review Sally Hansen’s Gel Nail Polish in the color Mudslide.    I also show it in combination with two other Sally Hansen colors, Commander in Chic and Pink Pong, all of which work pretty well together in one manicure.   At my age, I feel a little silly with a whole lot of nail art going on, but I don’t think mixing up the colors is going overboard at all.  One or two little accent nails, never hurt anyone, right?

In this video, I color swatch 140 Mudslide Sally Led Gel Nail Polish. At first glance it looks very similar to 150 Pink Pong color, but it is deeper warmer nude color that I find very pretty and versatile. I also show Mudslide in combination with two other Sally Hansen Gel Colors: #170 Commander in Chic (a rich chocolate brown that i love) and #150 Pink Pong (which I like only in combination with other colors). The color combo I ended up putting on my nails, was inspired by a blog post on and by an image widely pinned (on Pinterest). The only source I could find for that one, was “pinned by pinner” which I don’t think was the author. (see it here: ) If you know the originator of that “Griege” design, please let me know so that I can give her credit! It might even be a design by Sally Hansen company.
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Please let me know if you like the video, and if you would like to see more swatches!

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