Sealing Sharpie Paint Against the Elements

commentsI test water-fastness of Sharpie Paint Pens in both Oil-based and Water-based formulas, after I’ve sealed them with a clear acrylic matte sealer. I use Sharpie Paint Markers on a rock and on painted metal boxes and then show you how to make your design permanent to hold up to water and every day wear and tear.

I have many other videos on this topic, that you might be interested in watching:

Oil-based Vs. Water-based Sharpie Paint Markers Comparision:

How to Fix a Clogged Oil Based Sharpie Paint Marker:(a jump to specific spot in the comparision video)

Sharpie Paint Pen Review: (mostly info on water-based on paper).

Hand Lettered No Soliciting Sign: (water-based paint pens on metal surface).

Extra Fine Point Silver Pens: (on a slick surface).

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5 Comments Sealing Sharpie Paint Against the Elements

  1. Crystal Martin

    This is really cool! I’ve not made many Sharpie paint pen projects. I always wondered if the ink/paint would hold up. I can see that the water based would hold up really well on most projects. I think I’m going to make some garden decorations with the kids as soon as we get a nice, warm weekend. Thanks for showing your test of how well both hold up with a sealer!

    1. Mimi

      You’re welcome! Thanks, Crystal, for taking the time to comment. Good luck with your garden decor project!

  2. Joann jarvis

    OMGII I’m embarrassed. I just sent you a request for information on paint pens and then
    . Continued reading more of your tutorials and got my answers.
    Thanks for accepting my apologies. Joann Jarvis

  3. Dee

    Just watched your oil based you tube and I have one suggestion when filming. Hold your paint pens very still. It was a little hard to watch with all the shaking of the pens and hand jesters. Otherwise very informative, thanks for putting this info out there.


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