Sharpie Paint Pen on Copic Wide Marker

commentsMy all time favorite white pen is the Sharpie White Paint Pen, Extra Fine Point, sometimes called Sharpie Poster Paint Pen.  It’s the perfect white pen that shows up immediately on dark colors and kraft paper. In this video, I show you how I use a Copic Wide Marker to lay down a thick stripe of Dark Brown, to make an easy hand drawn banner for a card or in an art journal.  

The Copic Wide Markers, are pretty neat for making a big thick line, quickly and evenly.  When I purchased the Copic E49 Bark Brown marker from Aaron Brothers, I had intended to buy a black one for the chalkboard-effect that I (obviously) like so much.  However, the salesperson mistakenly pulled a dark brown from the case and I didn’t realize it, until I got home.  Once I tried it out on kraft paper, I was glad he made the error;  it’s a rich brown color that I really like.

Sharpie Paint Pens also come as oil-based pens. which I’ve only used on projects that will be exposed to the elements, such as garden art.  (Video post to come on that topic). The OIL based pens have a deep PINK band at the end of the pen. The WATER based pens have a blue band. The Poster Paint Pens don’t have any band, but I’m pretty certain that the poster paint pens are water-based.

The water based ones seem to be getting harder to find in the craft stores lately. I have a whole new video showing the different Sharpie Paint Pens and how to identify which is which, how they differ etc .. I just haven’t had the time to edit the video. I’ll try to get it done soon.

The main two points I want to show in the new video is that you need to depress the tip, (with the tip facing UP) to let air into the chamber BEFORE you even start shaking it. Sharpie says to depress it with your finger, but that is kinda painful, if you ask me! So, I hold a piece of cardboard above the pen, and push against that. THEN you can shake it, and prime the tip by pressing MANY times against a piece of scrap paper, to get the paint flowing into the tip.

I have a small collection water-based Sharpie pens in several colors, but the white one is the one I find myself reaching for all the time.   I learned about this perfect white pen from my favorite art teacher, Martha Lever.   I’m a big fan of her Lettering and Art Journaling online workshops.

Have fun doodling!


Products Used in this Video:

Copic Wide Marker
Water-Based Paint Pens
Pastel Set
Sharpie Extra Fine
Water-Based Paint Pens
1 Dozen: White

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