The Truth About NeatDesk Scanner

When I see injustice in this world, I must combat it, and won’t rest until I crush it. ūüôā¬†¬† A few months ago, I posted a video addressing¬† false criticisms of the NeatDesk Document Scanner. ¬†Neat-haters surfaced, suggesting that I must work for the Neat Company, to give this machine a positive review!¬† They continued… Continue reading

NeatDesk vs Fujitsu Snapscan

I’ve had my NeatDesk Scanner for about a week and have scanned over 300 documents & crumpled receipts, without single paper jam. ¬†I am impressed with the speed and ability of the hardware and the text recognition/search feature. The scanner is crazy fast, plus incredibly smooth and reliable. Old reviews are really giving this machine… Continue reading