Tool Hacks: Mini Bench Grinder Conversion

commentsHow I modified a little 3″ mini bench grinder/buffer to include a sanding surface. This neat little bench grinder was a great find at Harbor Freight, and even better once I worked my crafty magic on it, and modified a little so that I could use it as disc sander as well.

Now I can use my mini-bench grinder as a table-top grinder, disc sander and buffer.  Over the years, I’ve found myself using the buffer more and more. It’s super handy to buff my silver jewelry to a beautiful shine, while allowing the oxidation to remain in the carving and crevices.  Personally, I like this look on my silver jewelry because it allows the details to stand out, and it keeps the antique silver finish without  looking “neglected.”

I also use the buffer on the final step of making my solder glass pendants.  After the pendant is complete, I clean it with a cloth barely dampened with rubbing alcohol, to clean off any residual chemicals from the flux and soldering process.  Then I smear Turtle Wax paste all over the silver frame and let it dry to powdery finish.  After the wax is dusty and dry looking, I buff the pendant frames with a clean soft cloth and the buffing wheel of the Mini Bench Grinder.

This is one of my early DIY videos from years ago; long before I learned how to edit my videos!  So please forgive any rambling!

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