Unclog a Leaking Sharpie Paint Marker

How to un-clog a leaking Oil-based Sharpie Paint Pen. I finally narrowed down why I like the Water based Sharpie Markers better: because I usually want an Extra Fine Point, and that is the one oil-based Sharpie that doesn’t work very well. I’ll show you how to get that paint flowing again, from your Sharpie Oil-based Paint Marker.

I also show you the difference in the appearance of the two formulas, and how it can be confusing to choose the right tip size if you are not paying close attention. They may look alike, but the tip is not always the same point size.

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1 Comment Unclog a Leaking Sharpie Paint Marker

  1. Jillian

    This is a great tip!

    Do you think this would work for the oil-based felt tip markers as well?

    I have a bunch of oil-based markers that have clogged up.

    Thanks 🙂


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