Copic Airbrush System – Compressor & Markers

commentsCan you use other brands of markers in the Copic ABS airbrush system?  YES!  In this video I show you two brands of markers (other than Copic) that fit the Copic Airbrush Trigger and work quite well! One brand, fits right into the trigger with no modifications whatsoever.  Just snap it into the Copic ABS and spray! Another surprisingly inexpensive marker, readily available in most retail stores, works well in the Copic system, with a quick & simple modification.

I also briefly talk about what air compressor I use with my Copic ABS 3, and where you can find an affordable little compressor, so you don’t have to keep buying those dang cans of compressed air.

Have you found markers that markers that fit, that I didn’t mention in the video? We would all love to know, right people?
Please spill the beans in the comments below!

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Products used in this video

I want to give credit to artist, Mark Tannacore at Frayed Logic Studios for his amazing Marker Review, and thank him for sharing his hot tips on several markers work with the Copic ABS.

Check out his awesome, extremely comprehensive Artist’s Marker Guide.

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